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Whalen Speed: How-To Can-Am X3 Fuel Pump - WS180/200/205+

We needed to go over this in explain the methods to swap the old X3 fuel pump out for the new fuel pump. The new fuel pump is a full plug and play unit. Please note where we do ground for the WSRD re-wire kit and where the new 20amp fuse is located and needs to be swapped out. Thank you. If there is any questions or concerns. Please let us know!

Whalen Speed: How-To Install Your WSRD Tune Onto Your Can-Am X3

We've tried here to make a informational video on how to install your WSRD tune into your Can Am. If there's any issues with your install, simply reach out to us and we can help you out.

Whalen Speed: WSRD Can-Am X3 Vented Catch Can Kit Install

Prevent unwanted oil and crankcase gases from entering your intake tract with this vented catch can. Turbo engines, especially when boost is increased, create a lot of crank case gas that needs to evacuate the engine. Can-Am did a great job of putting a proper sized 3/4" ventilation line on the engine but, as most OEM do, they recirculate it right back into the system. Our can will catch that oil and vent the gases out of the filter. It is also equipped with a drain valve to easily drain the fluids that are caught. Also to note, cold weather and ethanol based fuel will put more fluid in the can. Do not be alarmed by it, instead take note and drain it more often.