Maverick Nerf Bars/Rock Sliders

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These nerf bars are one of the strongest sets on the market while not weighing more than the competition.

These attach to the bottom side of the frame in 5 different places getting sandwiched between the frame and skid plate.  We decided to use the same mounting holes that Factory UTV uses on their skid plates.  The plate wraps around the plastic protecting the bottom 2 inches of the rocker plastic unlike any of the others.  The main tube is a heavy wall, dent resistant DOM tubing that can be bashed on the rocks or used as a pivot point for turning while racing.  Since the mounting is all along the frame there is no tube to pass into the rear fender area for mounting which means they will not limit you on tire size.

1 hole is cut in the plastic on each side where the tube passes through the plastic and attaches to a factory tab on the frame. 

There was no compromise building these, all hardware is included along with a template for drilling through the plastic.

Overall width at the widest point is 64" so they are flush with the tires on all Maverick models except the XXC.  They will stick out on the XXC model.