Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Air Jack

Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Air Jack

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Product will be available mid October. The initial run of 100 jacks is expected to go quickly so get your order in soon!  

Pro Eagle's new light weight, portable, Co2 operated jack is made specifically to carry on UTV's and other lightweight off road vehicles. It utilizes 20-25 gram Co2 canisters to operate and comes with 4 cartridges. It is supplied with a bag to carry the jack and accessories. Brushed Stainless Steel construction makes it look great and will last many many years. 


100% stainless steel. Over 2' of adjustable lift height. Co2 Regulator controls flow and lift speed in both lift and release. Can be mounted to roll cage with quick release fire extinguisher style mount. Weighs 5.6 LBS. 

Optional accessories include:

  • Large base for use in soft dirt or sand
  • 4" round top
  • Velcro Holster to hold regulator and Co2 Cartridges
  • Quick release roll cage mount