Razorback 3.1 Dimmable Engine Temp Gauge

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The newly added rocker switch now allows you to dim both the LED light as well as your LCD screen. Cycle between 5 levels of brightness to suit your riding needs!

You can now also switch the temperature reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius if needed. 


Our Engine Temp Gauge is both quick and easy to install - no cutting or splicing of hose lines is required. This gauge is housed in a 2 1/16" cup that is machined out of aluminum stock.  Real-time coolant temperatures are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen protected by a scratch and glare resistant faceplate. The gauge has been programmed with LED temperature alerts that will change color as your coolant temperature rises. 


Our gauges are water resistent to IP65 and IP67 on the sensor and connections.

***Mounts sold separately***


For Can-Am X3 owners, this gauge is available with a temperature sensor that screws into where a T30 Torx Bolt currently resides. All you have to do is replace this Bolt, fasten the sensor cabling to the sensor and the gauge, then run power to the gauge.