RCV Pro Series XRB Polaris RZR XP Turbo / XP1000 40 spline CV Axle - Rear

RCV Pro Series XRB Polaris RZR XP Turbo / XP1000 40 spline CV Axle - Rear

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RCV Performance Pro Series XRB axle for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo.  The axles feature a plunging inboard and outboard CV, taking every opportunity to improve and maximize strength and longevity.  The CVs are constructed with 300M components such as the race and cage.  The front axle is our 300M Pro Series 33 spline shaft, which is second only to our rear 40 spline 300M shaft – by far the largest axle diameter in the industry.  The rear CVs have been increased in size comparable to a Dana 44 CV (full size truck) to take advantage of additional room at the hub. 

These axles are designed for harsh hill climb or “rock bouncing” racing conditions where shock load and impacts are significant.  The specially engineered RCV grease is featured in both the inboard and outboard CVs to battle these extreme conditions.

The XRB axle is be the first axle in the UTV line to offer a limited LIFETIME warranty

Note:  Minor clearancing may be required for rear installation due to a casting fin on the passenger-side transmission casing.


Under the RCV Warranty Rebuild Program, RCV warranties mechanical failure of the product for the duration of ownership by the original purchaser. “Mechanical failure” is defined as failure of a component while operating under design constraints. All claims are subject to review and acceptance by RCV in its sole discretion.

RCV Performance will inspect, replace and rebuild the failed component for a flat fee of $150.00.  Claimant must provide proof of purchase, warranty card, and cover shipping charges of damaged assembly to RCV.

Warranty does not cover:

• Intentional or willful destruction of product

• Worn items

• Twisted splines/bars

• Boots

• Stripped Threads

• Modification of the product

• Failure from improper installation

• Failure from other than intended use