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Power Output:

  • 2018 172HP Models; Stock: 153 Wheel Horsepower | 172 Crank Horsepower
  • 2018 172HP Models; WSRD WS170 Tune; 175 Wheel Horsepower | ~197 Crank Horsepower
    • Boost Pressure: 17.5 PSI - Sport | 14 PSI - Eco
    • Please adjust crack pressure to between 8 and 9 PSI

    Package Essentials:

    Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

    Additional Package Options: (please follow each link below to add to your performance package.)

    This kit is designed for 2018+ and 2020 Turbo R 172HP Models or any Can-Am X3 that has an intercooler/fan and a 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump installed. 2017 154HP and all 120HP models are required to upgrade to the 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump to run this package. 
    WS170 Package has been developed for trail rides to the dunes. Many new features include the switchable boost feature where you can switch from 17.5PSI to 14PSI on the fly. This kit will also get rid of the start up stumble that is noticeable on these stock units. Modified intercooler fan control is integrated for cooler intake air temps. You will notice the fan coming on and staying on much more as the stock settings are not desirable for making power. Radiator fan comes on at 185* vs the 205* stock. 
    The DynoJet Power Vision PV3 allows you to flash your own machine without needing to remove and send your ecu elsewhere. It will also allow you to view and delete check engine lights that may become present. Many of the annoyance codes that may show have been removed for convenience.
    Its is recommended to run our catch can kit. This prevents blow-by (gases that make it past the piston rings) and oil from making it into the intake tract pre turbo. The oil gunks up your intercooler and hoses making them less effective.