WSRD Can-Am WS200 Performance Package - 100/110 Octane

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Power Output: 

  • WS200 Tune: 192 Wheel Horsepower (~220 Crank Horsepower)
    • Boost Pressure: 22 PSI

Package Essentials:

Package Options: (Recommended) 

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

The WS200 Package was designed for aggressive driving and smooth cruising when wanting that little extra kick in the horsepower department. The recommended fuel for this kit is Sunoco GT260 or better. Boost is raised to 22 PSI (limit of the factory pressure sensor). With proper clutching you can expect 192 rear wheel hp (~220 crank hp). This package includes the WS180 Tune for premium pump gas so the ability to switch between expensive race fuels and pump gas is an easy flash away.

We also lower radiator fan temperature activation as well as intercooler fan activation (intercooler fan override switch is recommended for aggressive driving). Speed limits are removed, throttle feel is improved, rough road detection removed

PLEASE NOTE: The WS180-240X Kits can use the 2017/120HP Model fuel pump assemblies. The WS205 will require our high volume fuel pump to maintain proper fuel pressure and flow to the injectors. It is not required to purchase a 2018 fuel pump housing for these kits. Just please note which housing you have when purchasing.

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