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 Power Output:

  • WS200S Tune: 199 Wheel Horsepower (~228 Crank Horserpower)
    • Boost Pressure: 24-25 PSI

What's Included? (Package Essentials):

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below.)

  • KWI AO Base Clutch Kit

The WS200S Package was designed for pro-level short course racing where there is no excuse for not making the absolute maximum horsepower. This tune held almost all of the best qualifying laps, six out of eight races including the World Cup, in the 2019 Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course series as well as winning the Pro-Mod UTV World Championship at the 50th Red Bull Fall Crandon where Bak40's #9 Tim Farr held the pole position, fastest lap, and took the win. These racers also has great success with the WS200S Package; #44 Jimmy Henderson, Henderson Motorsports, finished with two second place podium finishes, and #99 Thomas Reihner, Bak40 Motorsports, finished with two third place podium finishes on the season, as well. 

Boost is cranked to 24-25 PSI which is why this kit requires the best intercooler on the market today. Controlling intake temps is critical to finishing a race as well as making maximum horsepower. The ability to datalog all the important information as well as the additional wideband O2 for AFR, we leave nothing on the table. Reliability is of utmost importance!

We also lower radiator fan temperature activation, intercooler fan override switch is required for this tune. Speed limits are removed, throttle feel is improved, and rough road detection removed.

This package can be morphed around your specific rule book, please call for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: The WS180-240X Kits can use the 2017/120HP Model fuel pump assemblies. The WS205 will require our high volume fuel pump to maintain proper fuel pressure and flow to the injectors. It is not required to purchase a 2018 fuel pump housing for these kits. Just please note which housing you have when purchasing.