WSRD Can-Am WS200X Performance Package - 91+ Octane

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Introducing the WSRD Can-Am WS200X Package! For those looking for the ultimate pump gas package, look no further!

This kit utilizes the factory fuel pump, intake, map sensors and exhaust system on your 2018 172HP models. For 2017 154HP models you are required to run a 2018 Fuel Pump Assembly and we strongly recommend upgrading to the WSRD 2018 Intercooler Fan or WSRD 10" Fan/Shroud Assembly.

Power Output:

  • Pump 93: 196.5HP
    • Boost Pressure: 18 or 21.5 PSI using Eco or Sport switch
  • 110 Octane: 225HP (Still Testing Various Intakes & Exhausts)
    • at 24-25PSI using WSRD 3" Intake: 221/225HP
    • at 24-25PSI using stock intake/exhaust: 213HP
    • These numbers are view-able in EP7 & EP8 on our YouTube Channel

Features: (Package Essentials)

The WS200X Kit is designed for 91 Octane with race gas additive or 93 Octane. With further testing we now offer a 110 Octane tune as well!

Package Upgrades: 

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

For those clients with some of our other Can-Am products or clients with other vendor products please reach out directly to us for custom quotes on our WS200X Kit!