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With nearly 12 months of testing this turbo package, in various conditions all over the world, it's ready. With years of experience modifying the Can-Am X3 ECU, WSRD has been able to offer you boost pressures exceeding 30 PSI utilizing the OEM ECU. 

The WS320XR Package is designed for a completely stock OEM engine running E85. Paired with our XR42 from Xona Rotor this package produces 32-33 PSI of boost to deliver an insane 320+ horsepower at the hubs of our Mainline ProHub Dyno on SAE correction. This is more than double the factory horsepower of the Turbo R model! 360 horsepower at the crankshaft through the stout 900Ace Rotax engine proves the point that the X3 is an industry leader in performance right off the showroom floor.

No corners are cut in performance nor product selection used to achieve these power levels. WSRD runs the industry standard for high performance fuel injectors, the newest technology in turbochargers, the best performing intercoolers, and the best clutch options for oem style clutching, KWI Clutching. These packages have also been paired with aftermarket clutch offerings from STM Powersports. 

Power Output: 
  • Stock ECU;  322 Wheel Horsepower (360 Crank Horsepower)
    • Boost: 32-33 PSI
    • These results are on E85 fuels only (please consult with WSRD about your fuel of choice before purchase - example: Ignite Racing Fuels, VP, ect.)
    • These results are on WSRD's MainLine Hub Dyno

    What's Included? (Package Essentials)

    Your machine must have a 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump or 2020 Turbo RR Fuel Pump to properly adjust fuel pressure and setup this system! For 2017 Models or 120HP Models please select the available option for the 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump.

    A BOV IS REQUIRED WITH PACKAGE! Several options are available and many clients have previously installed this option, but many vendors use an upper intercooler pipe option that is replaced with our charge tube kit when using the XR42 Turbocharger. A BOV is required to be install in the "lower" longer charge tube.

    BOV Options: (Required)

    Package Upgrades: (Optional)

    Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package add the option above. Or, click the link below for more detail.)